Reliable knowledge for health care: the process and practice of shared decision-making (PROSHADE)  

The aim of the project is to improve patients’ and professionals’ involvement in decision-making processes and to promote their abilities and opportunities to use and produce information for decision-making. The existing shared decision-making model will be extended from the patient-physician to the organizational level. The project will focus on three different kinds of evidence and information: 1) integration of economic information into clinical practice guidelines, and development of 2) a process to use evidence for de-implementing low-value care and 3) a digital tool for patient-generated electronic data in order to incorporate patient preferences and values into decision-making. 

We provide knowledge on the dynamics of the processes of decision-making in health care units and patient-professional encounters, and on the way in which information literacy is intertwined in this process. This knowledge is an essential prerequisite for the development of implementation tools that are evidence-informed and facilitate shared decision-making. By bringing these themes into public discussion, the project promotes the development of a responsive, high-quality and sustainable health care (Figure 1).